Aurum Mod is my brainchild. It’s meant to be an inspiration for women to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. I imagine the creation process should be as thorough as the final product. My designs become a part of me. Every one of them carries a little part of my heart and soul.

I strongly believe that a woman’s hand tells more about her than most would ever assume. Think about it: hand knitted gloves, lacy gloves, tattoos, long red nail, short black nails, nude nails, big wooden rings, hand chains, etc… these all belong to a different woman but just like her hand that tells a story, this woman has an individuality. With my jewelry I wanted to specifically bring out inimitability that each of us has. Confidence, boldness paired with femininity and delicacy.

I find inspiration everywhere. Words spoken, geometry, a toss pillow, forces of nature, feelings, textures, architecture, music. It’s the details both big and small that define me. These are the nuggets I collect from around me to create a truly unique, very distinctive modern design. I hope that by wearing the pieces you catch my contagious enthusiasm.

Born in Russia I’ve lived in various parts of the world for many years, including Hawaii, Carolinas and NYC. Engineer by profession, I have always been into geometrical shapes, noticing them in everything that surrounds us. I decided that rings don’t always have to be associated with circles. Surrounded by textures, colors and innovative minds, I began my jewelry design career in NYC by starting Aurum Mod which is my creative outlet.

A few of my favorite things: bold red wines, leather jackets, dachshunds, New York City, trips home to see my family and my Slavic roots, gray denim, coffee with extra milk, dark lipsticks and long lingering dinner dates with family and friends.

If you are a woman like myself, that loves her exclusivity and rareness in this busy world where so many wear just the same stuff, the one that loves to stand out and make a statement then you’ll love to wear these pieces as much as I do.

With love,